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[39] Control of intense light with avalanche-ionization plasma gratings
Optica 10, 1587-1594 (2023)
M. R. Edwards, S. Waczynski, E. Rockafellow, L. Manzo, A. Zingale, P. Michel, and H. M. Milchberg

[38] Electron bunch dynamics and emission in particle-in-cell simulations of relativistic laser-solid interactions: On density artifacts, collisions, and numerical dispersion
Physics of Plasmas 30, 063904 (2023)
N. M. Fasano, M. R. Edwards, and J. M. Mikhailova

[37] Enhanced collisionless laser absorption in strongly magnetized plasmas
Physics of Plasmas 29, 112704 (2022)
L. Manzo, M. R. Edwards, and Y. Shi

[36] Plasma Transmission Gratings for Compression of High-Intensity Laser Pulses
Physical Review Applied 18, 024026 (2022)
M. R. Edwards and P. Michel

[35] Production of high fluence laser beams using ion wave plasma optics
Applied Physics Letters 120, 200501 (2022)
R. Kirkwood, P. Poole, D. Kalantar, T. Chapman, S. Wilks, M. R. Edwards, D. Turnbull, P. Michel, L. Divol, N. Fisch, P. Norreys, W. Rozmus, J. Bude, B. Blue, K. Fournier, B. V. Wonterghem, and A. MacKinnon

[34] Holographic plasma lenses
Physical Review Letters 128, 065003 (2022)
M. R. Edwards, V. R. Munirov, A. Singh, N. Fasano, E. Kur, N. Lemos, J. M. Mikhailova, J. S. Wurtele, and P. Michel

[33] Confinement of relativistic electrons in a magnetic mirror en route to a magnetized relativistic pair plasma
Physics of Plasmas 28, 092508 (2021)
J. von der Linden, G. Fiksel, J. Peebles, M. R. Edwards, L. Willingale, A. Link, D. Mastrosimone, and H. Chen

[32] Magnetically collimated relativistic charge-neutral electron–positron beams from high-power lasers
Physics of Plasmas 28(7), 074501 (2021)
J. L. Peebles, G. Fiksel, M. R. Edwards, J. von der Linden, L. Willingale, D. Mastrosimone, and H. Chen

[31] Slow and fast light in plasma using optical wave mixing
Physical Review Letters 126, 205001 (2021). 
C. Goyon, M. R. Edwards, T. Chapman, L. Divol, N. Lemos, G. J. Williams, D. A. Mariscal, D. Turnbull, A. M. Hansen, and P. Michel

[30] Dispersion calibration for the National Ignition Facility electron-positron-proton spectrometers for intense laser matter interactions
Review of Scientific Instruments 92, 033516 (2021)
J. von der Linden, J. Ramos-Mendez, B. Faddegon, D. Massin, G. Fiksel, J. Holder, L. Willingale, J. Peebles, M. R. Edwards, and H. Chen

[29] Laser-driven plasma sources of intense, ultrafast, and coherent radiation
Physics of Plasmas 28, 013105 (2021)
M. R. Edwards, N. J. Fisch, and J. M. Mikhailova

[28] A multi-terawatt two-color beam for high-power field-controlled nonlinear optics
Optics Letters 45(23), 6542–6545 (2020)
M. R. Edwards, N. M. Fasano, T. Bennett, A. Griffith, N. Turley, B. M. O’Brien, and J. M. Mikhailova

[27] A new frontier in laboratory physics: electron positron plasmas
Journal of Plasma Physics 86(6), 155860601 (2020)
M. R. Stoneking, T. Sunn Pedersen, P. Helander, H. Chen, U. Hergenhahn, E. V. Stenson, G. Fiksel, J. von der Linden, H. Saitoh, C. M. Surko, J. R. Danielson, C. Hugenschmidt, J. Horn-Stanja, A. Mishchenko, D. Kennedy, A. Deller, A. Card, S. Nißl, M. Singer, M. Singer, S. König, L. Willingale, J. Peebles, M. R. Edwards, and K. Chin

[26] Electron-nanobunch-width-dominated spectral power law for relativistic harmonic generation from ultra-thin foils
Physical Review Letters 124, 185004 (2020)
M. R. Edwards, N. M. Fasano, and J. M. Mikhailova

[25] The x-ray emission effectiveness of plasma mirrors: Reexamining power-law scaling for relativistic high-order harmonic generation
Scientific Reports 10(1), 5154 (2020)
M. R. Edwards and J. M. Mikhailova

[24] Laser amplification in strongly-magnetized plasma
Physical Review Letters 123, 025001 (2019)
M. R. Edwards,* Y. Shi,* J. M. Mikhailova, and N. J. Fisch

[23] Theory of electromagnetic wave frequency upconversion in dynamic media
Physical Review E 98, 023202:1–8 (2018)
K. Qu, Q. Jia, M. R. Edwards, and N. J. Fisch

[22] Cascaded chirped photon acceleration for efficient frequency conversion
Physics of Plasmas 25, 053102:1–6 (2018)
M. R. Edwards, K. Qu, Q. Jia, J. M. Mikhailova, and N. J. Fisch

[21] Beam cleaning of an incoherent laser via plasma Raman amplification
Physics of Plasmas 24 (8), 103110:1–7 (2017)
M. R. Edwards*, K. Qu*, J. M. Mikhailova, and N. J. Fisch

[20] X-ray amplification by stimulated Brillouin scattering
Physical Review E 96, 023209:1–12 (2017)
M. R. Edwards, J. M. Mikhailova, and N. J. Fisch

[19] Waveform-controlled relativistic high-order-harmonic generation
Physical Review Letters 117, 125001 (2016)
M. R. Edwards and J. M. Mikhailova.

[18]  Short-pulse amplification by strongly coupled stimulated Brillouin scattering
Physics of Plasmas, 23 (8), 083122:1–14 (2016)
M. R. Edwards, Q. Jia, J. M. Mikhailova, and N. J. Fisch

[17] Distinguishing Raman from strongly coupled Brillouin amplification for short pulses
Physics of Plasmas, 23 (5), 053118:1–7 (2016)
Q. Jia, I. Barth, M. R. Edwards, J. M. Mikhailova, and N. J. Fisch

[16] Strongly enhanced stimulated Brillouin backscattering in an electron-positron plasma
Physical Review Letters, 116 (1), 015004:1–5 (2016)
M. R. Edwards, N. J. Fisch, and J. M. Mikhailova

[15] Multipass relativistic high-order-harmonic generation for intense attosecond pulses
Physical Review A, 93 (2), 023836:1–5 (2016)
M. R. Edwards and J. M. Mikhailova

[14] The efficiency of Raman amplification in the wavebreaking regime
Physics of Plasmas, 22 (7), 074501:1–4 (2015)
M. R. Edwards, Z. Toroker, J. M. Mikhailova, and N. J. Fisch

[13] New diagnostic methods for laser plasma and microwave-enhanced combustion
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 373 (2048), 20140338:1–26 (2015)
R. B. Miles, J. B. Michael, C. M. Limbach, S. D. McGuire, T. L. Chng, M. R. Edwards, N. J. DeLuca, M. N. Shneider, and A. Dogariu

[12] Simultaneous temperature and velocity measurements in air with femtosecond laser tagging
AIAA Journal, 53 (8), 2280–2288 (2015)
M. R. Edwards, A. Dogariu, and R. B. Miles

[11] Enhanced attosecond bursts of relativistic high-order harmonics driven by two-color fields
Optics Letters, 39 (24), 6823–6826 (2014)
M. R. Edwards, V. T. Platonenko, and J. M. Mikhailova

[10] Magnetic steering control of multi-cellular bio-hybrid microswimmers
Lab on a Chip, 14 (19), 3850–3859 (2014)
R. W. Carlsen*, M. R. Edwards*, J. Zhuang, C. Pacoret, and M. Sitti

[9] Influence of magnetic fields on magnetoaerotaxis
PLoS One, 9 (7), e101150:1–10 (2014)
M. Bennet, A. McCarthy, D. Fix, M. R. Edwards, F. Repp, P. Vach, J. W. Dunlop, M. Sitti, G. S. Buller, S. Klumpp, and D. Faivre 

[8] Analytical modeling and experimental characterization of chemotaxis in Serratia marcescens
Physical Review E, 89 (5), 052704:1–11 (2014)
J. Zhuang, G. Wei, R. W. Carlsen, M. R. Edwards, R. Marculescu, P. Bogdan, and M. Sitti

[7] Continuously distributed magnetization profile for millimeter-scale elastomeric undulatory swimming
Applied Physics Letters, 104 (17), 174101:1–4 (2014)
E. Diller, J. Zhuang, G. Z. Lum, M. R. Edwards, and M. Sitti

[6] Swimming characterization of Serratia marcescens for bio-hybrid micro-robotics
Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics, 9 (3-4), 47–60 (2014)
M. R. Edwards, R. W. Carlsen, J. Zhuang, and M. Sitti

[5] Near and far-wall effects on the three-dimensional motion of bacteria-driven microbeads
Applied Physics Letters, 102 (14), 143701:1–4 (2013)
M. R. Edwards, R. W. Carlsen, and M. Sitti

[4] Passive superconducting flux conservers for rotating-magnetic-field-driven field-reversed configurations
Fusion Science and Technology, 61 (1), 86–103 (2012)
C. Myers, M. R. Edwards, B. Berlinger, A. Brooks, and S. Cohen

[3] Femtosecond laser electronic excitation tagging for quantitative velocity imaging in air
Applied Optics, 50 (26), 5158–5162 (2011)
J. B. Michael, M. R. Edwards, A. Dogariu, and R. B. Miles

[2] HMGB1 mediates endogenous TLR2 activation and brain tumor regression
PLoS Medicine, 6 (1), e1000010:83–104 (2009)
J. F. Curtin, N. Liu, M. Candolfi, W. Xiong, H. Assi, K. Yagiz, M. R. Edwards, K. S. Michelsen, K. M. Kroeger, C. Liu, A. Muhammad, M. Clark, M. Arditi, B. Comin-Anduix, A. Ribas, P. Lowenstein, and M. Castro

[1] Treg depletion inhibits efficacy of cancer immunotherapy: implications for clinical trials
PLoS One, 3 (4), e1983:1–17 (2008)
J. F. Curtin, M. Candolfi, T. M. Fakhouri, C. Liu, A. Alden, M. R. Edwards, P. R. Lowenstein, and M. G. Castro

*Equally Contributing